Book Reviews

Panic by Lauren Oliver

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary

In a small, boring town in the middle of nowhere, there’s nothing really exciting to do. It’s summer after senior year and Panic has started. Panic is a annual game that the graduating seniors play in hopes of winning and getting the jackpot money. Heather never wanted to do Panic. She thought she would never enter, but now she has a reason to fight to win. Dodge isn’t really afraid of much, and Panic is no exception. He isn’t afraid of doing it. Everyone has a secret reason for playing Panic and risking their lives.

My rating: 4.5 stars

Heather had a reasonable reason to do Panic, but as for Dodge, revenge is not a good reason. This book was my first Lauren Oliver book and I was not disappointed. I thought that there should have been a little more action to it. The relationships between the characters in the books were okay. The ending was very good. It’s nice to read a book with a happy ending for a change.


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