Book Reviews

Ruination by Amanda Thome

******* I received this book for a R2R. All opinions are my own*******
At age 17, the Central considers everyone an adult. But that doesn’t mean you just get to waltz right into Central. You have to pass the leap. Nessa lives in the Inner. She has a great life, other than her mother being dead. Life seemed perfect. She had her best friends always by her side. Garrett and Gwen. When someone else comes in the picture, she has a tough choice. Unfortunately, all choices have a cost to pay.
My rating: 4.5 stars
When Amanda messaged me asking if I would review this book, I read the synopsis and was intrigued. Nessa was a great protagonist. Garrett and Tyler are hard to choose between. Both have good reasons for me to choose who I ship her with….. The plot was never flat. There was always action going on.
Things that it could improve on:

While I did extremely enjoy the book, there was one minor thing that could be improved on.

– Titles. I’m not talking about naming chapters or the title of the book. I’m talking about stating which POV the chapter is in. It doesn’t state who is narrating the chapter. After a while you tend to catch onto who is narrating.


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