Book Reviews

Elixir by Ted Galdi

******* I received this book from the author for a honest review. All opinions are my own *******

Sean is the smartest kid on Earth. With an IQ of about 250, he has won Jeopardy many times. Now that he is alittle older (14), he goes to a science school in California. After a while, something comes up and changes his whole life around. Will you risk getting caught to save the one you love?

Rating: 3/5 stars

Ok so if you read the synopsis on Goodreads for the book, part of the synopsis didn’t happen till around page 115. Sean could get on my nerves sometimes with some of the stuff he did. I thought it had good writing, just not the best. I felt like for the first 100 pages of the book was more like a prequel. What I did really like about the book was: the action and the ending. Okay by ending I don’t mean I couldn’t wait for it to end, I mean I like how everything happened at the end. The action was usually there after the first 100 pages. I did like how original this book was though. If Ted Galdi writes anything else, I would probably read it.


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