Recommend Thursday

Recommend Thursday: 10/30/14

Today I’m recommending…… Firefly by PM Pevato!

Tessa lives in a not so normal town. She lives a normal life, well other than her being a witch. She has a witch coven that all we friends are in too. Itโ€™s been quiet for years. No killings or witch hunters. But now that something has gone wrong, who can Tessa trust?

Genre: Young Adult

Sub Genre: Paranormal, witch and wizards

Point of View: First, (2 perpectives)

My rating: 4.5/5 stars

Reason to recommend: This book was wonderfully written. The plot was amazing and I can’t stop thinking about this. I really need the second book. By the way, Firefly is being picked up by a publisher! Congrats! I have a review up if you want to learn more about the book and my thoughts on it:

Any problems: It was a little jumpy (the text), but I think it was my device. Also there were a few spelling errors, but not too many.


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