Interview with P.M. Pevato

Hey guys! So recently I emailed P.M. Pevato and asked her if I could interview her. She said yes, being the nice, awesome person she is.

What is your book Firefly about?

Firefly is the bittersweet love story between a teenage witch and the immortal witch hunter assigned to assimilate, infiltrate and eliminate her Coven. Firefly is the first book of The Firefly Series, a Young Adult paranormal trilogy. Firefly was chosen by Kobo as a Teen Hidden Gem for 2014, and recently became a top ten bestseller on Kobo’s Kids and Teens e-book list.

When will it be released? (If you know)

Firefly was originally released as an eBook in August 2013. A revised version was released on Kobo and Amazon in July 2014. The paperback edition of Firefly and the second novel will be published in 2015.

What inspired you to write?

On writing generally: I’ve been writing stories and poetry for as long as I can remember. I had short stories and poetry chosen for regional writing competitions, and was encouraged by English teachers, in particular a wonderful teacher in my final year of high school. When I attended university, I wrote many academic articles, book reviews, edited a journal and textbooks, so I had a lot of practical experience and those skills were transferable to writing fiction.

On writing The Firefly Series: As an author of Young Adult (YA) paranormal, I’m able to live in a world of make believe. Paranormal novels feature elements of magic and the supernatural, so there’s really no limit with what I can do with the characters, particularly with witches and immortals. Those characters have abilities we can only imagine, such as casting spells and time traveling, and their lives can span many centuries, many generations. That gives me the opportunity to weave in history and mythology with supernatural themes. I simply can’t resist writing about an alternate world, wondrous and magical, that sweeps readers away from their everyday lives.

Most of all, readers inspire me to write! For readers, a novel is an escape, a fantasy, so for me it’s so blissful to write for fans of this genre. Although I write for the YA audience, I’ve also received messages from readers who fall in the age groups referred to as Middle Grade, New Adult, and Adult. Thus, paranormal as a genre lends itself well to crossover from YA to Adult fiction.

Recently, I contributed a paranormal story entitled “The First Coven” to Short & Happy (or Not), an Anthology of short stories edited by Richard Bunning and Dixiane Hallaj. “The First Coven” is written in the style of a folktale imagining how the first coven of witches came to be. In that sense, the story can be considered as a novella related to Firefly.

How did you come up with the plot for Firefly?

I thought about some of the YA paranormal books I’d read. The subjects got me thinking: what if the main female character and main male character were absolutely not suitable for each other? When one character is normal, and the other is paranormal, that makes life difficult. In the event they fell in love, and come from opposite worlds, it’s not as difficult because one character can choose to be with the other in their world. So I didn’t think about a normal person and a vampire or werewolf, or star-crossed lovers like Romeo and Juliet, because their families didn’t get along but there was nothing else holding them back from being together.

Two paranormal characters can be more challenging to write. Two paranormal characters from the same world may not have the same challenges as two characters from opposite worlds. What if the characters were natural enemies? I thought about those two paranormal characters and the idea of a witch and a witch hunter grabbed my imagination. Then the novel just spilled out. The plot was based on this struggle, the impossibility of two people living in one another’s world. With both characters having paranormal powers, the complications increased. Make one immortal and that’s even more complicated because of the vast history, in the case of the immortal witch hunter, and all of the things he’s done in the past.

What other books have you written?

Firefly is my first novel and “The First Coven” is my first published short story. I completed graduate school in London UK and specialized in Public International Law, with focus on Human Rights and Environment. As noted above, during my studies, I published many academic articles, book reviews, and a set of textbooks made up of articles on International Environmental Law. I worked as a Managing Editor of an International Law Journal, and wrote editorials as well as contributed an article in my field of study. I guess you can say I had lots of writing and editing experience before I decided to write YA fiction.

If you could co-write a book with any other author, who would it be and why?

In literary fiction and short stories, I’d say Ernest Hemingway and Mavis Gallant. I love their writing style and how they can say so much with so few words. In high fantasy, I’d love to write with J.R.R. Tolkien. It is said that in high fantasy, it begins with Tolkien then there is everyone else. I’d love to help him draw his maps too.

My fun answer would be Dr. Seuss. Imagine writing The Cat in the Hat? How cool would that be? And the stories would delight children and adults, with life lessons built into the stories. I’d have to color the illustrations because I don’t think I could draw as well as Dr. Seuss!

Thank you, Anna, for the interview!!

I love to hear from readers! Visit me at and on tumblr at
My eBook Firefly is available from Kobo, Amazon, iBooks, and Barnes and Noble.

For copies of Short & Happy, books may be purchased through Amazon and other online bookstores directly from the publisher’s website: Bookstore.h


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