Top Ten

Top Ten: Pretty Book Covers #1

So here are the top ten covers I love right now:

10. Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige I love this book cover. It has so much to do with the book. It has Dorothy’s dress with blood all over it. Here’s a link to it:

9. The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson This cover is really pretty. I like the green. Here’s the cover:

8. Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo This cover is extremely pretty. I love the Russian buildings. I really like the architecture of Russian buildings. Here’s the cover: Shadow and Bone Cover

7. Scarlet by Marissa Meyers This cover is so cute. I have how Red Riding Hood’s cape is on the cover. It just looks cool. Here’s the cover: Scarlet Cover

6. The Whispers Of The Fallen by J.D. Netto I like how simple this cover is. Just a simple little smoke on the cover. The smoke kind of looks like a fog machine made it. Here’s the cover: The Whispers of the Fallen Cover

5. Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken I love the icy blue on the cover. It’s so simple and cool. Never Fade Cover

4. Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare I love the book on the cover. I also love the 1800s dress Tessa is wearing. Here’s the cover: Clockwork Princess Cover

3. The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J. Maas I really like the drawing on the cover. It shows that the book is a fantasy. The Assassin's Blade Cover

2. Paper Towns by John Green The map on the cover is pretty cool. I also like the push pin the is stuck into the center of it. Here’s the cover: Paper Town Cover

1. Half-Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout I love this cover. The flower looks like it is either drawn with lasers or smoke. It’s so pretty! Here’s the cover: Half-Blood Cover


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