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Spearwood Academy: Episodes 1-5 by A.S. Owens

What if you didn’t understand what you are? What if you were left in a barn as a baby? Avalon is a girl who lives in a town with her father, or well, the guy who found her in the barn and raised her. Which is tough, considering every night she shifts into a dragon. All her life, she thought that she was the only one that shifted. On her 15th birthday her father tells her about Spearwood Academy. Spearwood Academy is full of shifters like her, but the only problem is, she’s the only girl there.

Rating: 4.5/5 stars
Cover Rating: 3.5/5 stars

I really enjoyed this book. I love the whole premise of it. Girl turns into dragon. Sounds cool right, right? I loved most of the characters. Avalon was pretty cool. Her friends were awesome though. I feel like they made the novel good.

The plot was awesome also. So she turns into a dragon at night and it’s not like some glamorous thing that some books would describe it as. It’s actually painful and gruesome. The school was cool. I thought this book overall was really good. I would definitely suggest that you pick this book up.


7 thoughts on “Spearwood Academy: Episodes 1-5 by A.S. Owens

      1. How far have you read? It does get confusing because volume one contains episodes 1-5, i think, so you have to be careful not to buy the same book twice. They are quite short which is good.


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