Wicked by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Ivy Morgan, a twenty-two year old college student who lives in New Orleans, isn’t like everyone else. She works for the Order. The Order is a secret organization that kills creatures from the otherworld. The Order is all she has. Four years ago, she lost everything. Now, Ivy commits her life to working for the Order. Enter Ren Owens, a 6’3″, forest-green eyed, handsome guy. Ivy Morgan isn’t, can’t, fall in love again. Falling in love with him would be as dangerous as going hunting for the creatures who walk through the streets in New Orleans. It’s not safe. Losing the boy she loved once was enough.

Rating: 5/5 Stars
Cover Rating: 4/5 Stars

This was my first New Adult book ever. I read it and loved it. While reading it, I felt transported to New Orleans. Now, I haven’t been to New Orleans, so I’m not sure how accurate it is with some of the places are. From what I know about New Orleans, it was pretty spot on. Beignets are amazing and I’m pretty sure people do love them there (of course). Also, in the book they go to a place which is real. American Horror Story (never watched) was filmed at was a place they went to in the book.

The plot was wonderful. They were so many plot twists in the book. I wasn’t surprised by many of them. I honesty saw the ending coming half way through the book. I mean, if you’ve read another book by her, you could see it coming. Even though I could tell what happened before what happened, I didn’t mind. It just reminded me of another of her books though (okay, maybe like two of them combined).

Ivy Morgan was such a kick-butt character. I loved how strong of a character she was. Ren was pretty great. He sounded swoon-worthy. Ivy’s best friend (Charlotte? I honestly don’t remember her name) I wasn’t a fan of. It’s not that she did anything wrong, but she just didn’t stick out to me in the book. My favorite character is Tink. Think of a sassy book character (Mangus, Percy, Alec) turned into a fanboy brownie. I loved how Tink was obsessed with Harry Potter. I felt like throughout the novel, Tink was probably the friend how helped her the most.

I loved this book so much. This was so fun to read and I highly recommend it.


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