2015 Resolutions, Blogs, Booktube & More!

Hey guys! So 2014 is finally over and it honestly blew by so quickly. I read 180 books this year. Wow. What. In. The. World. That’s not even counting my rereads. 187 with rereads. When I set my goal of 2014, I thought it would be tough for me to read 120. For 2015, I want to read 150 books because school is insane right now.

In 2015, I’ll be starting another blog. I know what you’re thinking. Anna, are you leaving this blog? The answer to that question is no, I’m staying here. A few of my book friends and I have made another blog together and we are going to each be posting once a week. My day will be on Fridays. Here’s a link to the blog: . I’ll still be posting on here just as much as I do now.

Book Con 2015 was amazing. First off, the night before Book Con, I went to a signing at Books of Wonder. I met my favorite author Jennifer L. Armentrout. I honestly was freaking out on the inside when I met her. She was so kind and she took a photo with me (which I now can’t find my SD card.). I also met A.G. Howard at the signing also and she was the first author I had ever gotten a book signed. She was so nice! She gave me a necklace and another necklace for me to give to my friend when I got home. I still have yet to read her books, but I’m so excited to read. At Book Con, I met Cassandra Clare (for like 2 seconds), Sophie Davis, J.D. Netto, Julie Kagawa (totally freaked out and froze. She hugged me!), and C.J. Abedi (who is so nice! She loved my review and took photos with me). It was awesome.

Also, I got noticed by Indiana Geeking (an awesome blogger!) at Awesome Con this year. I was so happy.

So in 2014 I started a Booktube channel. Thank you so much for your support.

This year, I met so many amazing people who I will be friends with for a long time. I just want to thank some of them below.

Emma from Emmmabooks – Thank you so much for being amazing. We met not knowing who each other were at Book Con 2014. And then about a few weeks after Book Con, we started talking again. We did a collab video together (well kinda). You are my only booktube friend that I’ve met in person and I can’t wait to hang out with you at Book Con 2015 and maybe BEA 2015.

Kelli from Kelli (Potterdancer) – Honestly, I don’t even know how to thank you. Since we became friends, we’ve talked about every day, video chat and we did a live show together with Sabrina. You are one of my best friends and I really have no idea how to thank you enough for being there for me.

Chloe from Blondie’s Books – Thank you for being my friend! We’ve only started talking to each other in late August. I remember when Emma texted me saying you wanted to do the book club with us. I’m so happy that you joined the book club. We now talk about once a week and you’re so nice and kind.

Kelly from Kelly’s Book Spill – Thank you for being awesome. You are so cool and awesome. Thank you so much for Girl Online! I can’t wait to read this with you. You’ve been such a great friend this year.

Rae from Rae of Sunshine Books – We don’t talk too much, but I still consider you my friend. Thank you for being my friend.

Danielle from LeMockingjays on IG – You seriously are so cool! I love your IG account. I’m so lucky to have made two new best friends this year. I’m still surprised I pushed away my shyness to talk to you while waiting in line. I’m so glad that we have ended up becoming good friends. I’m so grateful to have an amazing friend like you. I can’t wait to see you again at Book Con 2015!

Alyssa from Alyssa (P&B) – I remember when you commented on one of my videos saying that you would love to be Booktube friends. I was so surprised and happy. I’m so thankful that we became good friends. I can’t wait to meet you at Book Con 2015!

Samantha from Watch Me Fangirl – Thanks for being a great friend! I’m so glad we became friends this year. You’re so kind and sweet and an amazing person. Thanks for being my friend.

Everyone on the Book Con App: Meet Up? Meet Up. If you’re from the app, you know what I’m talking about. Denise, you did an amazing job coming up with this badge for us to wear. To everyone on the app, you all are amazing and I can definitely count on you all.

Shannon Lee Alexander author of Love and Other Unknown Variables – Thank you so much for letting me interview you! It was so much fun. I’ve talking to you on Twitter a lot since then and I saw you at another signing. Thank you so much for everything!

Mike Mullin author of the Ashfall trilogy – Thank you for being so kind to me! While I was at Shannon’s signing waiting to do the interview, he came up and started talking to me. He told me about a signing he was doing a month later and then he left to go to his car and came back with a bookmark of his series for me. He also then video-bombed the interview, which was hilarious. I ended up going to the signing and I bought his first book and got it signed. After he signed it, he stood up and walked off with my book. I followed him. He had taken my book to Shannon to auto-bomb it. I thought that was so funny. Thank you for being really awesome. ‘

P.M. Pevato author of Firefly – Thank you for being so kind to me. I remember when I requested to review your book on Goodreads. I’m so happy that Firefly is getting published! I can’t wait to buy a paperback copy. You’ve been so kind to me and thank you so much for doing the interview.

Matthew Eldridge author of Whiter Than Snow I’m so happy you asked me to review your book. You’re such a nice person. You have been so kind to me and I’m so happy that we’ve continued to talk.

Now I can’t thank everyone individually, so thanks to everyone who has ever sent me an arc or a copy of their book! You all are wonderful people and I’m so thankful that you have trusted me to review your book.

And thank you again to all of you. You guys have all made my year and you all are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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