Hype vs. Reality #1

So I recently finished an extremely hyped up book and I was thinking, why did everyone but me enjoy this? Am I wrong not to love it? I decided that it was okay to go against the book hype. I feel like book hype makes our expectations go up higher and it either ends with us hating the book or loving it. Rarely there is an in between.

For example: Remember when We Were Liars by E. Lockhart came out? The hype around this book was enormous. Everyone seemed to be loving it, and the mystery and plot twist that went with it. Everyone was freaking out. Not me though. I honestly couldn’t get into it and it the plot twist ending wasn’t surprising to me.

Also there are the times where you get into the hype then a few months later, you realize how horrible the book was. This happened to me with The Iron Trial by Cassandra Clare and Holly Black. I thought I loved it when I read it, then now that I think about it, it wasn’t great. I brought it down 2 whole stars.

But sometimes the hype is deserved. Like with The Hunger Games, Divergent, and some other books. It really just depends on the thoughts of the readers.

Have any of you guys had this happen to you? If so, comment below some of your experiences with book hype, good or bad.


2 thoughts on “Hype vs. Reality #1

  1. Yeah 😦 a lot of times this happens for me. I didn’t like The Hunger Games, everyone said I’d love it but it wasn’t for me… same with The Darkest Part of the Forest which EVERYONE said they loved… no…I didn’t love it 😦
    it makes me sad… so sad…


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