Book To Movie Adaptation

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been gone. It’s been a crazy few weeks.

I feel like as book lovers, we have a Percy Jackson to {insert great book to movie adaptation here} scale on how we rate book to movie adaptations.

We don’t mean to do it, it just ends up happening. The books and authors give us so much hope. Like currently with Insurgent. Almost everyone I have talked to thinks it’s awful. It left out many parts of the book. (I personally haven’t seen it yet, but that’s what they tell me). But there are other people who loved it saying, “it’s a great movie, but it’s nothing like the book”.

I agree with the “it’s a great movie, but nothing like the book” when it comes to certain movies. I loved City of Bones even though there were some major flaws between the book and the movie. And Divergent. We can’t forget how we all hated it for not being exactly like the book. I watched it about 2 months ago just thinking about it as a movie. It was a whole lot better when thinking about it that way.

Yes it’s disappointing, but sometimes it’s for the better.

So book lovers, what do you think? Is it okay to love a book, even though it’s not like the book?


4 thoughts on “Book To Movie Adaptation

  1. Personally, for me, changes are fine as long as they are not too heavy. I understand that movies cannot completely be like the book due to the limited timeframe, but too many changes sometimes result to a completely different movie altogether. Like Harry Potter Goblet of Fire… I loved the book but I absolutely hated hte movie with a passion! Then again, I loved Catching Fire and it had some changes, too, but at least it still felt loyal to the book. It depends, really!

    Faye at The Social Potato


  2. I just did a post about the Insurgent movie where I also explain that I ‘review’ book to movie adaptations two ways.

    You have a point with the scale thing, however I say from ‘Beautiful Creatures’ to … since that movie was almost 100% different than the book.


  3. I’ve learned to watch book to movie adaptations without expecting it to be exactly like the book. I just watch it as a movie, that way I enjoy it way more than if I were to have certain “expectations”. It would be great to watch a movie that’s exactly like the book, but I’ve yet to have come across one. I watched Insurgent and it hardly had anything in common with the book but I loved it as the sequel to Divergent the MOVIE, and not as the sequel to Divergent the BOOK. But that’s just me…


  4. I just saw Vampire Academy and it was just like the book! I was really pleased and I thought it was great. I always dis Maze Runner cause they discluded the telepathy but if I don’t compare it to the book I might actually like it. I’m a little harsh though. I’m REALLY mad about the stuff they forgot. I try not to but I can’t really change it.


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