Currently Reading 4/20/15

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Hi guys! I might be reading a few books at once. Eek. But I guess I do that so often it shouldn’t surprise me when I write them all down.

Nick and Norah’s Playlist by David Leviathan and Rachel Cohn
Page Number: 175
I’m so close to finishing! 5 pages. It’s okay, but it’s moving really quickly.

Stolen Magic by Gail Carson Levine
Page Number: 108
I HAVE to finish this tonight, write a review and post it tomorrow. I’m half way through it. I can do it. Someone please motivate me.

Existence by Abbi Glines
Page Number: 2?
This is my “phone book”. I’m reading it on my phone when I don’t have a real book or my kindle with me.

Painless by S.A. Harazin
Percentage: maybe 50%
It’s really good so far. I haven’t made much time to read a kindle book though.

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare
Act Number: 5
Not really a fan of the plot. I love Shakespeare’s writing though.

What are you book lovers currently reading?


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