SBPT 2015

Summer Blogger Promo Tour: Amber & Jessica from The Book Bratz

Jessica’s Top 5 Bookish Moments:
5. Every time we’ve been contacted by an author or literary agent – it makes you feel so valued and important!
4. Reaching 1K followers on Twitter – that was freaking awesome.
3. Meeting Dana from Dana Square totally by accident on line for a Jennifer L. Armentrout signing and having her recognize us!
2. Attending BookCon 2014 last year – our first bookish event!
1. Meeting up with ALL of our amazing blogger and author friends at BookCon 2015!

Amber’s Top 5 Bookish Moments:
5. Reaching 300 followers on the blog!
4. Going to a book event and an author recognizes you!
3. Getting the ARC you desperately wanted from a publisher!
2. When you realized that you requested too many books…again
1. You become good friends with an author you idolize!

Amber & Jessica


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