Summer Blogger Promo Tour: Melissa from The Reader and The Chef

What is your #1 book pet peeve?
Non-matching books in a series. Agh, I can’t stand it when I’m in the middle of reading a series and when the third book (for example) is about to come out, BAM! They reveal the cover and it DOES NOT match the other books.

You could travel to one book world, but all the characters you know are gone. Or you could have all the characters come into our world. Which would you choose?
Travel to the book world! Imagine going to Hogwarts!?♥ Sorry Harry, it’s not you, it’s me.

If you could have any book character be your best friend, who would it be?
Lola from Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins! Lola is such a fun, bright character with a wicked sense of style. Who wouldn’t want to be besties with her? Plus, she comes with Anna, Étienne, and Cricket. Definitely perks. ♥

Why did you choose your blog name to be The Reader and The Chef?
Oh, it was tricky to choose the name for my blog. Since I was going solo at first, I made this huge list of possible names and none of them sounded right. So I went and asked my sister for more options and instead of giving me ideas, she asked if she could join in as my co-blogger. I was thrilled to have her on board and after contemplating how we were going to work together it became crystal clear: I was a reader. She was a chef. So together we were The Reader and the Chef!

What’s your favorite mythical creature?
FAERIES. I love these magical little devils.

What genre could you read for the rest of your life?
Fantasy. I love the worlds, the magic, and all the different creatures. The possibilities are endless when you read fantasy books.

What type of bookmark do you use?
Ummm, paper/cardboard bookmarks? You know, that type that you get from authors and Book Depository. Wish I had fancy bookmarks though!

Ebooks or Physical books?
Physical books! I love to collect them. Although I do tend to read more ebooks. 😉

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Paris or Greece! I love history and these two places are so rich in it.

Thank you so much for having me on your blog, Anna!

Melissa is a 21 year old book blogger and reviewer, currently studying Foreign Trade and Customs in Mexico. Her favorite genres are fantasy, paranormal, contemporary, and basically all things young adult with a hint of romance. She also enjoys reading new adult books and classic literature from time to time. When she’s not reading, she loves to sing out loud, eat sweets, stare at her collection of books and daydream about marrying one of her favorite book boyfriends. You can find her at her book blog The Reader and the Chef, at Kate Tilton, Connecting Authors & Readers, and stalking her author friends and bloggers as @MeliRobles.


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