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Nameless by Jennifer Jenkins

****** I was sent an e-arc of this novel from the publisher. All opinion are 100% my own.*******

Published: October 6th
Publisher: Month 9 Books
Format: e-Arc from publisher

This book guys. It was so good!

The little details in this book really added up. Even the slightest detail that you will choose to ignore, will have significance. That’s what I loved. Jennifer didn’t just write the words and jumbled them together into a story. She must have thought carefully about how she wanted the plot to progress.

Zo is such a brilliant character. I loved that we truly got to know her personality.

The other characters were well developed also. My favorite character from the novel is Joshua. He was such an amazing character. He really shown through the novel and I loved how much he cared. I liked most of the other characters, but none of them stood out as much as Joshua did.

The only thing I wish we had gotten more of was backstory. I have so many questions on the backstory. What made these societies? Was it always like this? And of course I want more of each character’s past, but I’m hopeful that we get answers later on in the trilogy.

My rating: 5/5 stars

Jennifer Jenkins got her degree in History and Secondary Education. She thought that she would be teaching the a class about ancient warfare, but instead she ended up writing. She fulfills her love for writing and teaching kids with Teen Author Boot Camp, which she co-founded. Jennifer currently has three children who can name all of her characters and is married to an extremely supportive husband.

Learn more about Jennifer at

Thank you so much Month 9 Books for letting me review this book!



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