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Center of Magic by J.S. Fields

***************** First off, I’d like to thank J.S for sending me an e-arc of his book. All thoughts are my own.**********


Edition: E-arc, from J.S. Fields
Pages: 272
Series or Standalone: Series, The Source
Published: October 15th, 2015
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform


Synopsis from Goodreads:

Thirty years ago a spell was cast that exploded the magic in those who wielded the power and millions were consumed by fire. Countries and Governments that had grown dependent on wizards for the new arms race were left floundering and confused. Tensions rose and bled into World War III, and the world was broken by the global bombardment. Magic was thought lost forever. Reese, a young girl of only fifteen, knows the stories and the lore. She has grown comfortable with life in the miles of caverns that make up Mammoth Cave. When Tereo, a wise traveler, arrives to weave a tale of history and fact, the pulse inside her screams out that she is meant for more. Tereo knows that Reese is the only one that can help him perform an unimaginable task. Together, along with her cousin Erik and her friend, Emily, the ragtag team set off to move the Center of Magic – and stop the gathering evil from destroying the final spark. Dangers, both magical and mundane assault them from all sides. New faces and allies find them while betrayal lurks close. It is a journey of fantastical determination, one that sweeps this group into heights none could dream of before and into the very depths of despair. Pulling from our own past and myths, this is an alternative history that combines lore, legend, current fiction and popular mythos to create a tale unlike any you’ve read before.


Okay so I had a hard time with this book. I couldn’t really get into it and that made it harder to read.

The characters were sort of flat to me. In the book, we (the readers) never learned too much about any of the characters’ pasts or really their personalities. It seemed like each character kept changing their personality about every few pages. In one moment, a character would hate the other character, then five seconds later, would be laughing and being friendly with them. I just got confused on whether they really disliked then or not.

I found that the plot was sort of slow. The action didn’t really take off till the last few chapters. The last few chapters were what brought the book up from 2 to 2.5. I liked how those chapters were written, but I do wish that we had gotten a little bit more of detail about what was going on.

The romance of the book was a a little odd to me. I wanted more backstory behind the side characters’ romance. The main romance in the book just wasn’t for me. I just couldn’t really get into them being together. I loved that the romance didn’t overtake the plot.

Overall, I couldn’t really get into the book.

2.5/5 Hot Aliens


About J.S. Fields


J.S. Fields is a YA author that was born and raised in Kentucky. He is an engineer during the day and a writer in the night.

Xx Sincerely,



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