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Ten Thousand Skies by Claudia Gray

I gave the first book, A Thousand Pieces of You, 3 stars.  But the thing is, I really really enjoyed it.  And then I go and pick up this here sequel and not only is my mind blown, but of course, my heart is stolen by none other than the shy and brilliant and perfect and beautiful Paul Markov.  MORE ON HIM LATER 😉

Truth be told, I never really thought physics was interesting.  I read the word velocity and my eyelids automatically shut.  But that all changed when the Fire Nation attacked.  JUST KIDDING.  This book changed my mind about physics. And Claudia Gray, God bless her, makes everything sound reasonable and I feel like I actually understand the physics nature of the plot.  If only she could be my teacher.  The concept is slightly mind blowing and so intriguing that I really badly want a Firebird of my own.


Marguerite, the MC…..I don’t really know how I feel about her.  I’m pretty positive I like her, but at the same time some of her choices and the things that come out of her mouth leave me questioning her critical thinking abilities.  BUT, a flawed character is a good character, so Marguerite’s on my good side, though I still am upset about that whole Russiaverse incident (I’m looking at you Marguerite).


Paul isn’t really in this book, yet he is at the same time.  Our Paul, or I suppose Marguerite’s Paul (he’s mine, but for the sake of this review), has been splintered by none other than that person I will not say because it could and should be considered spoilery.  So Marguerite’s on the hunt for each piece of his splintered soul that resides in other versions of Paul in other dimensions.  So we see Paul, but not our Paul, but Paul nonetheless.  Ka-peesh?


So yes I loved it, yes you should definitely give this series a chance, especially if you were iffy about the first book.  Because Paul Markov.  And of course the genius of the plot.  But also Paul.


Happy Reading!!!



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