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The Syndicate by Sophie Davis -64%

So I wanted to write my opinions on books at a certain point in the novel just to get my thoughts out there, then write a complete review when I finish. This book is taking me longer to read, but I’m also trying to take my time enjoying it, so it works out.


Stassi is so witty. She can come up with a way to get out of a situation which makes the book interesting. She’s very smart and thinks of unusual things that help.

Gaige is a sort of annoying side character who I personally like as a character.

At this point, I still have yet to decide whether or not to like Cyrus.

Their “friends” and the writers in the novel are all interesting. Each time one of these characters enters a part of the book, it gets more interesting.

The book is written realistically. Maybe not with the time travel, but with the actual situations that happen. The way the duo wrote about Stassi and her parents is a very real feeling that people sometimes feel in situations like Stassi’s.

I’m very excited to find out how the rest of the novel goes.

Gifs that I feel go with the book:


Xx Sincerely,



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