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The Sin Eater’s Daughter by Melinda Salisbury

Two years ago in a galaxy far, far away, I received a package containing an arc of The Sin Eater’s Daughter in exchange for a review.  Which I wrote.  In a way.  It wasn’t so much a review as an intense reaction to something I could not fathom into words:



****.  ************************.  WHY?!?  I didn’t see it coming, man. I feel so….it’s just..I’m so….UGH!  I can’t say’s like…when my review comes closer to the release, my feels will be released.


Just one thing:


I really did


Happy Waiting



Suffice to say, I will be gracing you with an actual review of this lovely book.  Ahem.  Let’s get crackalackin (I feel like there should be a hyphen or two in there…somewhere).


This book toyed with my emotions.  In the beginning, I wasn’t completely sold.  I thought, oh great, another red-head chick (I am a red-head, though I don’t know if that gives me any grounds either) who kills with her touch……Juliette from Shatter Me?  I was wrong.  Twylla, the main character, is Daunen Embodied, so basically a goddess walking around in a mortal body….at least that’s what she is led to believe.  She is also used at the castle as the executioner.  She touches the prisoners, they crumple to the floor without a pulse, and the guards escort Twylla back to her “tower” (it’s definitely a prison) until they need her to kill someone else.  Twylla is also engaged to the Crown Prince, Merek.  He comes back to the castle after a long journey and Twylla and Merek have that epiphany where they’re both like, hey, you grew up.


Then Twylla’s guard, Dorin, gets sick.  Usher in the replacement, who also happens to be a foreigner called Lief.  Now at first, you’re thinking, what is this happy little puppy doing holding a sharp blade?  But then you got to know Lief.  And you got to like Lief.  And Twylla got to like Lief.  And a ship was sailed.


But then the “fire-breathing ***** queen” (credit to SJM), which not only applies to Celaena, but Merek’s mom, too.  She’s crazy manipulative and you just wanna slice and dice her with every word she says.


And then the ending rips you open, takes your heart, laughs uproariously at it, and carelessly throws it into a nearby, freshly-dug grave.


I have yet to experience The Sleeping Prince.  But I’m ready…who am I kidding, my heart’s stuttering just thinking about it.

– Natalie


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