Indiana Author Month '16

Tracy Korn Interview

Hi everyone! Today on the blog, author Tracy Korn is here!

 Q1: What is your novel, Aqua, about?

AQUA is the first book in the Elements series. It’s about a group of students who try their entire lives to get into Gaia Sur, the elite academy on the ocean floor, only to discover that getting everything they ever wanted now leads somewhere they never intended to go!

Q2: Where do you prefer to write?

I can write anywhere as long as it’s quiet, but I definitely prefer to be by a window or outside.

Q3: How was the experience of seeing your characters come to life in the trailer?

That was surreal. I thought seeing them on the book cover was pretty cool, but seeing them acting out the scenes in the book was just awesome.

Q4: Do you prefer coffee, tea, or neither?

TEA for sure, almost all kinds. No milk, no sugar. Side of lemon. I’m an English Literature teacher by day, so… 😉 .

Q5: What are you currently reading?

Right now, I’m reading Ready Player One!

Q6: If you could have control over any element, which would you control?

Oh, great question. I suppose if you were to ask me this in the midst of writing AQUA, I would have said water. Now, having just finished TERRA, the second book in the series, I’m leaning toward being able to wield fire. This time next year when AER, book three comes out, I might say gravity (air) 😉

Q7: Do you have a favorite page in your book? (like a favorite scene or quote)

Lots of them! One of my favorite scenes, though, is when Vox is giving her opinion about why we have labels in society. I’ll include the social media graphic with the quote below.


Q8: What day does Terra come out?

8/27/16! I’ll also attach the first chapter PDF for you to download, and pass along to your followers.

Q9: Do you have a favorite memory from your events?

We had some of the characters with us at an AQUA Barnes & Noble signing last fall, and a little girl was convinced they came out of the book (their pictures are on the back cover). She just happened to be in the store that day and was too young to be in the YA demographic, but she was so excited to meet the characters that she had her dad buy a copy of the book for her mom. The little girl was totally vibrating with excitement to have her picture taken with Arco, Jazz, and Vox, and even waited by the front door on her wait out until they saw her waving goodbye to them with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on her face. *All the feels*

Terra Sample Chapter

Thanks Tracy for doing this interview! I’ve attached the first chapter PDF 🙂 Check out Aqua on Amazon and on Barnes & Noble. Be sure to check out the trailer here.


Xx Sincerely,



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