Twelve Days of Bloggers

TDoB ’16: Pucks and Paperbacks


Stop #1 of Twelve Days of Bloggers!

One of my favorite blogs/bloggers is Alyssa from Pucks and Paperbacks.

Alyssa, a twenty-two book blogger, has been blogging for the past two years and is also a booktuber. She loves Gilmore Girls, TATBILB, Beauty & the Beast and many other cool things! If you love music, books, and Gilmore Girls, then be sure to check out her blog and booktube for her fun posts and videos and all of those things!



Reasons to read her blog:


Her reviews are always so fun to read and informative! Some of my favorite reviews of hers are: A Study in Charlotte, Highly Illogical Behavior, and Everything, Everything.

Alyssa always has unique posts. She has an array of posts from helpful tips to what her dream loot crate box would be (spoiler alert: Beauty and the Beast themed! Check out her post! She shares a ton of cool items!). I love her Three Life Hacks for Goodreads and The Ultimate Gilmore Gift Guide.

Reasons to watch her booktube:


Her videos are really interesting! Again, she has an abundance of different kind of videos. Two of my favorite videos of hers are: Songs & Books and Guess the Booktuber. Guess the Booktuber was a collab she did with a bunch of other booktubers and it is such a fun video to watch!


Xx Sincerely,



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