Twelve Days of Bloggers

TDOB ’16: ReadWriteLove28


Second stop: ReadWriteLove28!

Nori’s blog has been one that I always go back to read.

Nori is a blogger who created Book It Con. She loves reading and writing.


Blog – Twitter – Goodreads – Bookstagram

Nori’s reviews are my favorite. I trust Nori’s opinion when it comes to books. If she liked it, I usually will like it. Of course, we don’t always agree, but her reviews always help me decide whether I should just get it from the library or if I should buy it.


Some of my favorite reviews she has written are: The Orphan Queen, Seven Black Diamonds, And I Darken, Beyond the Red, and Dreamology.

I love her creative posts! Just a few of my faves are her posts on the Sweet & Swanky ’17ers, Novel Newcomers, and her BBCP posts.

Nori offers beta-reading so be sure to check her out if you are looking for someone to beta-read your novel!

Be sure to check out her blog!

Xx Sincerely,



4 thoughts on “TDOB ’16: ReadWriteLove28

  1. Thanx Anna for posting 12 Days of Blogging. I would love for this to be shared with Society of R. How many members subscribe to Unquenchable Reads? Do you think I can forward this email message? Would it climb the school firewall and dodge the Filter? Mrs. R “BookSlinger1”


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