Twelve Days of Bloggers

TDoB: A Perfection Called Books


Third Stop: A Perfection Called Books!

This blog is another blog I keep going back to.

Rachel, Mishma and Julia run the blog together. Rachel is the founder of the blog and is a Netflix addict. Mishma is obsessed with Greek mythology, and Julia enjoys writing.


Blog – Twitter – Goodreads – Bookstagram

Twitter – Goodreads – Bookstagram

Twitter – Bookstagram

I love their reviews.

Here are some of my favorite reviews from each of the current bloggers:

One of Rachel’s reviews that I love is A Court of Thorns and Roses.

Assassin’s Heart is my favorite review of Mishma’s on this blog. She tells all the positives and the negatives of the book in her opinion and that is extremely important to me when I read reviews.

Julia’s review of The Night Circus is also a great review.


I love their creative posts! Some of my favorite are 9 Tips to Live By: To Buy or Not To Buy?, Rachel’s Fear of (Book) Commitment, and A Collector’s Obession.

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