Series I Want to Start #1

I have so many series that I want to start reading. Here’s just a small

sample of the series I want to start reading.

Game of Thrones – I’m so excited to start this extremely long series that may or may not ever be completed because have you seen these books? It must take George R.R. Martin ages to write them. I finally own them so I’m planning on starting the series soon. This series currently has 5 books, but is rumored to have at least seven books by the end of the series.

Outlander – This is another extremely long series, but this one is by Diana Gabaldon. I bought the first book about two years ago so it’s about time that I start this series. This series currently has seven books out.

Bloodlines – This series is kind of a companion series to Vampire Academy series. I really loved the Vampire Academy series so I can’t believe that I haven’t started this series yet. Bloodlines follows the character of Sydney and another character who I may have fallen in love with in the Vampire Academy series (I feel like saying anymore spoils the Vampire Academy series). The series has six books.

Across the Universe – This is a trilogy by Beth Revis that everyone seems to have enjoyed. I met the author in 2016 at SE-YA. She was really nice and that made me want to read her books even more. This series also has some novellas within it.

Razia – This series was written by S. Usher Evans and sounds really intriguing. The main character sounds really kickbutt! This series consists of four books along with a few novellas.

Again, there are so many other series that I want to start,

but these are the first that come to my mind.

Xx Sincerely,



2 thoughts on “Series I Want to Start #1

  1. Yay, Razia!

    I read the first three GRRM books sitting in our old recliner with my husband. We literally read the physical books together, waiting for one another to finish before turning the page ❤

    But by the time we got to the fourth I'd lost interest so he carried on. I figure eventually I'll finish them…

    I'm curious about Outlander, and I may try it eventually, but I feel like I already need to read *all the books.*

    Lovely list!

    ❤ Julia


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