Bookish Items #1

I wanted to share some of the bookish stores I’ve ordered items from before that I loved.

Solid Society 

I own two sweatshirts from this Etsy shop. I love them so much! I got them in 2015 for Christmas and while they don’t have the two shirts I have exactly still in their shop, they do have similar items. Here’s my favorite one:


This quote is from Paper Towns by John Green. They don’t currently have this in a sweatshirt, but they have it in a cropped tank top.


This one of my favorite bookmark stores. I’ve ordered the Out of This World set (Lux series, for myself) and then The Tiny Obsession (Fangirl, I bought this to give as a gift). Their bookmarks are super cute!

Jane’s Tiny Things

I love Jane’s Tiny Things! I received a bookmark (they don’t sell it anymore) from there inside of an OwlCrate box and recently fell in love with it. I have boughten a friend a gift from this store. I highly recommend this store. The bookmarks are great quality.

What are some of your favorite bookish stores?

Xx Sincerely,



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