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Favorite Four Items I Take to Events/Conventions

I decided with a lot of book events and conventions coming up, that I might as well do a “what’s in my bag” but instead of that, a “what do I take to a convention with me”.

1. A backpack or large bag 

Carrying a large bag or backpack is a must for me when I am going to a book convention. I cannot even fathom going without one. The amount of books you bring or receive at a book convention can vary, but it is always nice to not be holding them all day.

2. Some small pouches

I have these smaller zip pouches that fit up to three books within them. I use these if I am bringing a favorite book of mine with me. This is just an added protection to the book and is unnecessarily for me unless it is an absolute favorite. My little pouches are from Thirty-One.

3. Something to take photos with

For me, that is usually my camera since I am also a vlogger. I also take a mini tripod (not anymore because it broke off while still in my camera) and an extra battery just in case. But if you don’t feel the need to lug a camera around, a cellphone works also (and the photos are instantly available to post on social media)!

4. Portable Charger

I don’t know about you, but my phone always seems to die quicker when I’m at a convention. Probably from me editing bookstagram photos or me texting friends to either try to find them again or  to tell them about the event.

Those are the top four items I usually bring to events/conventions with me. I know a lot of people are smart and bring snacks with them to conventions or events, but I usually end up forgetting to. Anyways, I find all of the items extremely helpful during a convention or an event, especially the portable charger.

Xx Sincerely,



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