Why I Purchase Multiple Copies of the Same Novel


Having multiple copies may seem unnecessary, but it seems to be a normal thing within the bookish community. I have watched so many bookshelf tours filled two or more different editions of a book. And I’m definitely guilty of this myself. Sometimes I like a book so much I buy multiple copies of it. Do I need them? No…… but am I still going to buy them? Yes. So here are my reasons for buying them.

1) They are more ascetically pleasing. Sometimes the U.S. covers are slightly lamer than the international covers, so Book Depository is great for this. So far, I haven’t used Book Depo, but I definitely want to. I’ve purchased cover changes for a series or a book and then decline to get rid of the one I already had for sentimental reasons (kind of a dumb reason right? It’s okay though, I know it is an issue).

2) I love the author and want to support them. For example, do I need to own three copies (arc, hardback, and paperback) of Zoraida Cordóva’s novel, Labyrinth Lost? Not necessarily….. but I love it so much and she’s such a kind and generous person. I also have multiple copies of Jennifer L. Armentrout and Leigh Bardugo’s books.

3) ……… I don’t have anymore reasons.

I hope you enjoyed this short post! I’m beginning to get back into blogging regularly, so be excited!

Xx Sincerely,



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