Interview with Matthew Eldridge

Hi everyone! I recently asked the awesome Matthew Eldridge if he would like do do an interview on here and he said yes!

What is your book, Whiter Than Snow, about?
Whiter Than Snow is a young adult/historical/romance novel based on the true story of Snow White. Snow White’s real name was Margarete Von Waldeck. She was a very beautiful teenage girl in love with Prince Philip II of Spain, and he was in love with her. However, he was engaged to Bloody Mary, the Queen of England (it was to be a political/arranged marriage.) Most of the Snow White fairy tales are based loosely on the truth. However, my young adult novel (Whiter Than Snow) is the closest to the truth of any Snow White story you will find. I had a great time doing tons of research on the real Snow White and developing a story around that.

What/who inspired you to write?
It was just something I’ve always loved to do, from the earliest age that I can remember. Before I could even write I would dictate stories to my older sister who wrote them in booklets for me. Obviously, Dr. Seuss had a huge influence in my early writing life 😉

Are you currently writing anything else?
I’m currently working on 3 other novels. I’m working on Blood Sisters, the sequel to Whiter Than Snow. Blood Sisters is based on the sister rivalry between Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth of England. I’m also working on The Pan, a new Peter Pan novel developed rich with history and geography, which should be out this summer. And on the back burner, I’m working on a novel called Ghost Town, based on the true ghosts that live in McDonough, Georgia (from a train wreck that occurred close to the year 1900.)

When does the next book in the series come out?
Blood Sisters should come out late spring of 2015.

What is it like being a double for Sam Chaflin and Theo James?
Total change of topic, huh? ;0) I was Sam Claflin’s stand-in and double in the Mocking Jay (Hunger Games) films, and some of Catching Fire. It was lots of fun. Sam was a really nice guy and we got to work together for 7 months. He was very friendly and affectionate. I can’t say much more because most of my work is in the 2nd Mocking Jay film. Both of those jobs (Standing in and doubling) are different but similar in nature. As a stand-in, I act out all the rehearsals for the camera team, lighting team, sound team, and the director (after Sam does one rehearsal and I study his movements and acting for that rehearsal) over and over until they get the shot exactly as they want it. Once the directors like it, they’ll call Sam in and he’ll do it a couple of times, which is what you see on film. As a body double, I am wearing Sam’s costume, his hair, etc., and perform an action in the film that you will think is Sam (but is really me ;O)) Right now I can’t say anymore. and I can’t talk about my experience with Theo James yet until the movie comes out 😉 However, I will say that as an author, I LOVE working on movies made from good novels. It’s really cool to see these characters from a book come to life, and I’m glad and proud to be a part of that process.

One thing I forgot to mention about doubling for Sam claflin: you get your hair cut and colored for free (who wouldn’t want that, right?) and I got to act some scenes out with the amazing Jennifer Lawrence. She is such a gifted actress and I felt honored doing rehearsals with her.

What was your favorite movie that you have worked on?
Hmmm. I can’t say just yet. 😉

Thank you so much for letting me interview you Matthew!


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